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Here at MJ's, we take pride in our team. Our team is full of experts in everything guns and more. Stop by to meet with one of our team members to get all the help you need.

Matt Bogues

Matt graduated from the Colorado School of Trades and earned an Associate of Applied Science in Gunsmithing. He is also Armorer Certified with Beretta, Sig Sauer AR, Sig Sauer Pistol, Remington 700 & 870, Mossberg and Glock. Matt holds certifications with the NRA firearms instructor program. Those certifications include: "Refuse to be a Victim", "Basic Pistol Course", "Personal Defense in the Home", and "Personal Defense outside of the Home". Matt is also trained in making custom molded ear protections from EAR Inc.

Outside of work, Matt enjoys spending time hunting and fishing along with many different shooting activities including trap, sporting clays, long range shooting and USPSA events.

The biggest thing Matt gets from working in this industry is  helping to educate people and see their excitement when we teach them and get them set up with the correct equipment.

Eli Jahns

Eli Jahns is a graduate from the Colorado School of trades and after graduating he received his a degree in occupational studies: Gunsmithing. He is also an armorer for many different firearms manufacturers including Glock, Remington, Sig Sauer and Beretta. On top of being a certified NRA trainer/instructor, he is also certified to teach personal protection inside/outside the home, basic pistol and he is also a range safety officer.

Eli enjoys many activities outside of work including hunting, fishing and camping. He is also a youth basketball and softball coach and is becoming more heavily involved in USPSA shooting competitions.

Michael Embry

My name is Michael Embry. I have had an interest in firearms for as long as I can recall. My interest led me into taking all of the Armorer’s Training Courses that came available to me many years ago. I began building custom Glocks, 1911’s, AR10’s and AR15’s, approximately 18 years ago as a hobby. My hobby led me into working within the firearms industry. I also began Cerakoting firearms to expand the uniqueness of the firearms I enjoy working with. Additionally, my hobby allowed me to gain several certifications. I have been certified as an NRA Range Safety Officer, and NRA Pistol and Tactical Pistol Instructor. Being in this industry, I have had the pleasure and opportunity to foster great relationships with customers, who have become more like family than just a customer. Here at MJ Gunsmithing, we have built a great team of qualified personnel, who have also grown together as a family.

Bill Foster

Bill has been enjoying the outdoors and shooting sports his whole life. He was hooked from a very young age and it all began when his father took him out for the first time. Hunting is in his family’s blood and is a family affair.

Bill got his start in sporting goods/retail world over 15years ago while working in the archery industry. Through this experience he has become a certified technician for multiple bow manufacturers. He is also an avid ammunition reloader and has been doing reloading for his own rifles for over 20years. He takes great pride in working up a special load and then harvesting game with that load. There is a great sense of pride and accomplishment that comes with being able to reload a certain round in order to effectively and humanely harvest game.

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